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Radius Pickup for Octave Mando Sound Problem

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  • Caleb_Elling
    The placement of the sensor is really the only thing that can be adjusted to affect string balance on the Radius. Unfortunately, the Radius isn't typically recommended for Octave Mandolins. The frequency response is too low for the Radius to reproduce accurately. If you can't get the string balance right with the placement, you might need to go a different direction with the pickup selection.

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  • OctoMando
    started a topic Radius Pickup for Octave Mando Sound Problem

    Radius Pickup for Octave Mando Sound Problem

    Hi LRB Community -
    I recently purchased a Radius pick-up for my new Octave Mando because Radius worked so well on my regular mando. However, when plugged into the soundboard through a X-Vive U2 wireless, it sounded great except the "E" note on the "D" strings came through the system exceptionally loud. I tried moving the placement of the pickup and fiddled with the sound board but with no success. I ended up trying to avoid the note while playing my tunes, but I don't think that is a long term solution. Any recommendations on what might be the cause and potential solutions?
    Thanks in advance.