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Help with CTRL-X on scratch cabronita build

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  • Help with CTRL-X on scratch cabronita build

    Hi, new member.

    I’m an amateur luthier and have been commissioned to build a rosewood thinline cabronita equipped with piezo, so I have decided I would like to go with the fixed xbridge and ctrl-x preamp.

    I am okay with electronics on typical wiring setups, but beyond that I am by no means an engineer or expert, so I needed to start educating myself on mono/ stereo etc, and piezo bridges and preamps in general. I have been researching all day and have learned a lot, but still not enough to comfortably order all of my parts or be satisfied with what I will end up with.

    ideally I would like to keep the classic cabronita control layout look, single volume, no tone, with the toggle switch. I am not at all familiar with piezo wiring or preamps, as I am most familiar with standard magnetic pickup electric guitars. So I’m here to ask if any of my thoughts make any sense in regards to how the ctrl x functions or can function.

    My Initial imaginative solution with the piezo in play to keep this control layout was to use the Free way 6 way toggle switch, with the hopes that I could wire it to have the top 3 positions control the magnetic pups only, like a regular cabronita, and the bottom 3 positions as the signal blender (neck+ piezo, bridge+ piezo, piezo only for final position). However as I have scoured the web looking for the best piezo setup and finally settled on LR Baggs, I came to find the ctrl x preamp comes with an onboard blender (adding a knob), a toggle switch (adding a switch) and an included stereo jack. I am also using gold hardware and have not seen a gold version of the included stereo jack.

    my questions are-

    ​​​​​​— is there any way to achieve the wiring I have described using the ctrl x without using the included switch and blender pot?

    - can I set the blender knob to 10 and bury it in the control cavity and just activate it via free way switch in order to bypass it?

    - if I cannot bypass the blender pot and have to settle for two knobs, is there any way I can just use the blender pot as my piezo activation by turning the knob to 10, or 0 for off to avoid adding the extra toggle?

    - is there any reason I HAVE to use the included stereo jack, or can I use the gold pure tone stereo jack I’ve already got picked out.

    I appreciate anyone helping me out. Thanks

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    Hey Harp&Lyre,
    Thanks for posting.

    The CTRL-X preamp is a very versatile system, but it does have limitations. If you want to email me at [email protected], I would be happy to send you some diagrams and info so you can get a better idea of what you can do with the system. I'm about to head home for the weekend, but I can get back with you by email on Monday morning.

    It sounds like a really interesting project.


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      Thanks Caleb, I’ll shoot you an email.