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T-Bridge/CTRL-X for TRS stereo out on hollowbody

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  • T-Bridge/CTRL-X for TRS stereo out on hollowbody

    Hi all, thanks for patience, I'm sure you've answered this question many times.

    Would like to put a T-Bridge on an Epiphone Broadway, replacing the mono output jack with stereo to enable post-output mixing rather than blending pre-output. Different effects for mag and piezo, etc.

    Have seen posts about putting the CTRL-X outside the guitar. This guitar is a 2006 Saein factory product, pristine, and hope to avoid substantial modification to the body.

    Can this be done? If so, do you have any guidance?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I remember someone installing the CTRL-X in an external box, but when I went to look for it, the photos had been removed.

    I think it's a bit outside the realm of what the CTRL-X was designed for, but it should be doable if you have the right tools and expertise.

    Sadly, I don't have any advice to offer from personal experience.


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      Thanks Caleb. I remember a fairly long thread about it but I can't find it either.

      My guess is that for best results you need some sort of preamp after the piezo to match to the typical acoustic amp. Plan was: mag to a tube electric amp, piezo to an acoustic amp, through separate effects chains. Does the CTRL-X require the blender pot or can I just wire it to a single stereo channel straight through?

      Obviously need to RTFM. Going looking. Thanks for getting back so fast. If this ever gets done I'll post the result here.


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        If you want to split the signal from the guitar, it would be significantly easier to just install the T-Bridge passively in the guitar and use the stereo jack that comes with it. Then you can use a Stereo-Y cable to split the signal into an electric amp and an acoustic preamp/DI pretty easily.

        The main advantage of the CTRL-X is its ability to blend the signals on the guitar. If you want to keep them split, the passive bridge makes the installation and operation much simpler.


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          Good news Caleb, thanks. I was thinking maybe the CTRL-X had built-in EQ and/or impedance matching to tweak the T-Bridge output. Will proceed as you suggest and report the result. Plan is to make a little maple box to run between the floating bridge base and the bridge pickup ring (sneak the wires into the body through the pickup ring) for the T-Bridge wiring harness, so it might be a minute before I get back. Might try a Graph Tech Resomax base, had good results on another jazz box with one and it has space in the middle for the wires. More soon I hope, your help much appreciated.
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