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Strat X Bridge Block upgrade?

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  • Strat X Bridge Block upgrade?

    Anyone know if the X-bridge block can be upgraded with a drop in unit from FU Tone?
    Made from the highest grade bell brass that FU is known for the world over, our Strat BIG BLOCKS will add total sustain, warmth, and tone to your Strat.

    Usually run brass block/claws in my Strats.

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    I am not sure if that block will fit or not, based on the specs I can see. It looks like it should fit, but I'm not 100% sure.

    The issue is that the X-Bridge block has a specially milled channel that the coaxial wire is press-fit into. This fitting grounds the bridge and the Piezos to the rest of the circuit. if you replace the block, you could run into issues if the wires aren't properly grounded. I'm sure you can work around it, but it's worth bringing up.

    XB Block ANN.jpg

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      thank you for the reply. I guess I'm stuck in my ways with the brass... sounds like a headache. gonna leave as is for now.