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X-bridge & ctrl-x install

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  • X-bridge & ctrl-x install

    Hey guys, I need some help.
    I’m installing an X-bridge & ctrl-x preamp on a thinline Tele.
    here’s where I’m having problems. I’m removing all of the magnetic pickups and just using it as an acoustic. But I can’t seem to ding a diagram on how to wire it as such. I have a
    Melancon Custom Artist T that was wired up like that and I
    had a bridge pickup installed so it’s not wired up like that anymore. And sadly Gerard Melancon passed away recently
    so I can’t just call and ask him. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    thanks zac

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    Hey Zac,
    I responded to the email you sent a little while ago. Let me know if you need any more info.