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  • Gigpro problem

    Hi, I ordered a Gigpro and found that when moving the volume knob there is a static-like noise. The sound does not cut in and out though. Tried contact cleaner, different cords, pickups, battery, amps etc., still the same. I sent it back and was sent a replacement. It has the same problem and the bass and treble controls also make the same noise on this one. The dealer tested the one I sent back (and the replacement) and said they are quiet as a mouse.
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    Hey Gandaharva,
    The only time I've seen noisy pots like that is when there's voltage being sent from the amp. Most amps don't have phantom power available over 1/4", but it can happen.

    What's you current setup as far as amp(s) or other gear?


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      I tried it with 4 different amps and no change. When I tried a different battery it was quiet for a few minutes and then the noise came back.


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        What does your typical setup look like?

        What instrument/pickup are you using?

        Which amps have you tried?


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          And it works for the dealer but not for me. I am using it for upright bass. I have tried it with two different pickups (KNA and Yamahiko), 2 Traynor amps, a Phil Jones Double Four and a Bose PA.


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            That is very strange!

            I can't say I've ever seen that happen with the Gigpro before. If it's working for the dealer, then either they aren't testing it in the same way, or it's something related to your setup. It looks to me like you've tried more than enough amps and pickups to rule that out though.

            Out of curiosity, have you tried different rooms or locations? Or has all of the testing been done in a single place? That's really the only other thing that I can think of, but even then, I've never seen an environmental factor cause scratchy pots...


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              Yes, it does it at home and on gigs.


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                I look forward to receiving your Gigpro back so I can investigate this issue further. Thank you for all of the information.

                Hopefully, we'll find some answers.