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Session DI into Align Pedal

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  • Session DI into Align Pedal

    Any help would be helpful.Id like to know if you can plug a Session DI into the Align Delay pedal and vice versa.(Align Delay into the Session DI)?I am about to rig up an acoustic pedal board and trying to figure out if this is possible. My signal chain is Boss TU3--->JHS Mute Switch--->TC electronic Mini Booster--->Xotic Compressor--->LR BAggsAlign Delay--->LR Baggs Session DI--->Strymon Blue Sky.

    That is an idea of how i would like to do it,but not sure if it is possible.

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    The Session DI can be used like any other pedal if you only need the 1/4" output. If you need to utilize the XLR, then you'd need to run the Session DI last in the chain.

    Aside from that, I'd probably run the boost after the compressor. That should give you more of a clean boost and not a compressed boost.