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Using a Gigpro with a wireless transmitter

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  • Using a Gigpro with a wireless transmitter

    I've been using a GigPro for a long time. I'd like to go wireless with my setup, and I've tried a few things. Mostly recently I tried the Line6 GO product line and it had the same problem as all the other dongles like it: there is some serious digital noise when used with the GigPro. No problems with guitars with active electronics, but having the dongle plugged right into the gigpro gives a lot of nasty high pitched digital noise.

    In my situation I can't use another belt pack that would be wired up to the Gigpro with some distance, so that's not a solution. I basically need an alternative to the Gigpro I think, but one that can be compatible with wireless stuff.

    Any ideas on either an alternative device or a way to use a wireless device with the Gigpro that won't be so noisy?

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    The Gigpro was designed nearly 30 years ago, so the fact that it's running into issues with digital interference isn't too surprising. Unfortunately, I don't think any easy modifications can be done to make this work for your situation, aside from using a short cable extension between the Gigpro and the transmitter.

    I'm also unaware of anything else like the Gigpro that is currently available from other companies.

    The Gigpro should work just fine with any analog wireless system, but those usually tend to be belt back-style modules too.