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Sessions Pedal in Effects loop

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  • Sessions Pedal in Effects loop

    I have my Sessions pedal in an effects loop off of my Venue. It is the last pedal in the loop. When I have it deactivated all other pedals in the loop work. When I activate the Sessions pedal all sound is cut off. Power is good. Cables are all good or I wouldn't get the sound with the sessions turned off. Pedals in the loop: AS Reverb, AS Chorus, AS Delay, Boss RC-30, AS Sessions

    Again - all pedals work until I activate the compression (Sessions) pedal.

    And.... go

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    Hey amckin01,
    That's definitely odd. Are you using regular TS patch cables between your pedals?

    Have you tried running those pedals straight into the amp to see if you have the same issue?