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Align Architecture in a single box

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  • Align Architecture in a single box

    I absolutely love the Align Series of pedals. I've been leading worship for 30 years and was continuously chasing tone... until I found the Anthem in combination with the Align pedals. I use a Session, into two different Align EQ pedals (depending on which guitar I'm playing) into the Align Reverb and then out through the Align DI. It all sits nicely with a volume pedal and Blutooth controller on a Templeboard Duo 17. It all fits into a Pelican case. It's a perfect system for me...until I travel. I just lead worship at a conference in Eastern Europe. I don't trust $1000 worth of equipment to the baggage handlers, even in a Pelican case. Carrying that Pelican case around was just beastly. It would be so nice to have a small compact single box system like the Venue, but with the Align Series architecture. An "Align Venue" with Comp EQ and Saturate, along with some Align EQ and Reverb and still have a tuner would be crazy good. Just my thoughts.

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    That sounds like a great setup!

    I completely agree that an Align all-in-one pedal needs to happen. It's been talked about in our design meetings before. I will definitely bring it up again.


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      That's a great idea! Hope it happens in the near future!


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        I would absolutely buy one as soon as it was available. It would be a supplement my regular pedal system when traveling or doing a small tight venue. Hope this happens.