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Align Session Clipping issues

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  • Align Session Clipping issues

    I recently got the Align Series Session pedal, and while I love the overall sound, the pedal clips almost constantly (the little red clipping light) while I'm playing. The pickup on my Epiphone Hummingbird is a Fishman Sonitone (piezo style), and I have the output set at usually no more than 75%. I can't run the Session pedal GAIN control more than 25%, or else the pedal will clip with every strum. I'm a strummer, not a picker. But if I turn the gain down, even with volume knob farther up than I would normall play, then the output volume is not where I need it, plus the effects of Saturation and Compression are not being engaged to the level of my liking.

    Is there an issue with the pedal? Or are there some troubleshooting things I can try?


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    I replied to your email a little while ago.

    If anything else comes up, please let me know.