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Nosie on my Align Session Pedal

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  • Nosie on my Align Session Pedal

    I received my Align Series session pedal yesterday and I noticed quite a bit of background noise, like a pulse when it was on. I tried it as a pedal by itself and ti was still there and stopped when I turned it off. I used the following power cable to it, with and without the splitter, I am not sure what the power requirements for it is, but I had seen that this could be an issue elsewhere. Is there a list of things I can try before a gig on Friday 17th March? I also just noticed that my power cable came without the magnetic ring... would this create noise?

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    Hey Adam,
    I replied to your email yesterday about this. Did you get it?

    I was wondering if you were getting the same noise when running the pedal on a battery. That would be the quickest way to tell if the issue is with the pedal or the power supply.