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Noise with Align Chorus pedal

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  • Noise with Align Chorus pedal

    Greetings All: I have an Align Chorus pedal that I love, but I am getting a background noise when the effect is turned on. I checked the cable ports to see if the noise was coming from there, but they seem to be just fine. But when I have the pedal plugged in to the AC adapter and I wiggle the jack, I get noise too. This is the only pedal I have and use, so I am just running from my guitar to the pedal to my amp. The AC adapter I have been using is a cheap one, so I ordered a One Spot to see if that will help, but I am also wondering if I should open the pedal up and check the connections and mounting hardware to see if anything is loose or needs a little more solder. Anyone else have this issue? Trying to figure out a plan of attack before I get too deep into this thing, ha ha. Thanks in advance, I look forward to your responses.

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    My first guess would be an issue with the power supply. I'm thinking that the 1-Spot will fix the noise, but if you have any further issues after getting the new power supply, please let me know.