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  • MixPro Problem

    Ive been using my mixpro successfuly to amplify a fishman passive resophonic pick up on my resonator guitar for a few years. No issues and getting a great sound from it. Then i knocked the mixpro against something mid song and all hell broke loose giving out a hiss and hum with no output. Since then it is completely hit or miss whether it will work or not. Last night was fine at home then at rehearsal same issue occurred. All internal controls are set as factory (switches down and dials at 12), all cables etc and instrument pickup working fine with a floor pre-amp. No visibly loose components in the mix pro on the board. Battery change doesn’t impact it. If I tap the unit when the issue arises the noise changes but doesn’t go away.
    Other than bin I’m struggling with next steps. Any Ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hey Ric,
    Thanks for posting.

    In my experience, the Gigpro and Mixpro's most vulnerable point is the Treble EQ pot on the top of the unit. If the preamp is dropped, the cables coming from the bottom tend to force the preamp to fall on its "head". If the Treble pot takes a strong enough impact, it can cause the entire signal to cut out. If your Mixpro took a fall, that's probably what happened.

    If you want to email me at [email protected], I can give you some options for repair.