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MixPro with UST and Lyric?

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  • MixPro with UST and Lyric?

    I want to add a Lyric to my existing passive UST. I assume the best way would be to wire the UST on the second channel of the Lyric preamp. Is that correct? If so, then I want to run that TRS signal into a MixPro. I'm not concerned with powering the Lyric preamp with the MixPro, however, that would be good. Would all that that work OK?

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    Adding the passive UST to the Lyric would be a great way to do what you are trying to do. The stereo signal from the Lyric/UST can be sent to the Mixpro via a TRS cable and blended into a mono signal. The Lyric won't run on power from the Mixpro, but that setup should work great all the same.