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Para DI with an HX Stomp XL (Effects loop or nah?)

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  • Para DI with an HX Stomp XL (Effects loop or nah?)

    Hey all! First-time poster here but LONG time LR Baggs user. I owned a Para DI for many years and had sold it to "upgrade" to a Venue DI. Recently, I have been trying to create a pedalboard that would serve as an acoustic AND electric board. I play a lot of gigs in Philly and NYC where carrying my Fender Deluxe Reverb around WITH my acoustic guitar, electric guitar, gear bag, and pedalboard from the truck to the venue is a huge pain in the butt. So I decided to try out the HX Stomp XL for those moments when carrying an amp just doesn't work well for the evening.

    So I went crazy and sold my Keeley Caverns, my MXR 6 band EQ, AND my Venue DI. I want all of my floor toys to fit on one Metro 16 pedalboard. Knowing I still need a DI, I went back to the wonderful and trusty Para DI so that it would fit well as the final piece to my board.

    Okay so here is the signal chain:
    Peterson StrobeStomp HD ---> HX Stomp XL (I've got a Gamechanger Audio Plus plugged into the effects loop of the Stomp (have you ever tried one of these? Damn it's sweet)) ---> Para DI.

    Now my question is, should I be running my Stomp into the input jack of the Para DI? Or should it be placed in the effects loop? What difference does it make? Again, I'll be running my acoustic through the DI for EVERY gig and my electric will run through the DI for gigs where I don't bring my amp and need to go direct (I'll do the 1/4 inch output to the amp otherwise).

    Does anyone else use an HX Stomp with their acoustic setup? I really love it so far!

    Anyway, thanks for all of your help in advance!


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    Hey Joseph,
    Thanks for posting.

    The main benefit of running pedals in the Para DI's FX Loop is that you can run low output, passive pickups into the preamp of the Para before going into anything else. If you have an active acoustic pickup, then it really doesn't sound very different either way.

    If you want to run an electric guitar through the HX Stop and then into the Para DI, the HX Stomp will probably sound better running first in your chain. I have the HX Stomp, and while I've only used it with my acoustic a few times, I think it's safe to say that it won't have a negative effect on your acoustic tone.

    So I would recommend running Tuner, HX, Gamchanger, Para DI. Nice and easy, and it should sound great with both acoustic and electric guitars.


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      Very helpful. I too am a long time PADI owner and recent Session DI owner too. I want to run my PADI with the Session DI so I have EQ control and access to the Session Compression and Saturation, I also want to run effects pedals (reverb, tremolo and boost). Should I run these through the PADI effects loop or simply in line ? I haven’t used a stereo Y TRS cable yet and am a little unfamiliar with how to connect it to several effects pedals. My proposed signal chain would be: Peterson HD StroboStomp>TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2>LR Baggs PADI >(reverb/tremolo)>LR Baggs Session>TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost. I use passive acoustic pick-ups: LR Baggs I Beam and K&K Pure Mini.

      Does this pedal order seem correct ? Should the rever/tremolo be run through the PADI effects loop or through the signal chain ? If the effects loop, any recommendations for the stereo TRS Y cable ? And recommendations would be much appreciated . Thanks !


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        Hey Kurt52,
        I think it would be easier just to run those effects in-line with the other pedals. I would run the effects pedals in between the Para DI and Session. That way your passive pickups will get to go through a preamp to optimize the impedance and level before going into the effects. You might even consider running the Para DI first, and then the tuner, TC, etc. Something like that would ensure that every pedal after the Para DI is getting the best quality signal possible.

        There's no 100% right way to do it, but it's always best to try a few configurations and see what sounds best to you.


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          Thanks so much Caleb for the prompt response. Much appreciated ! I’ll go with that recommendation. I’ve also set the Peterson StroboStomp to buffer mode so that it boosts the passive pick-ups’ signal. Take care !