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    I have a Para DI, bought used, that works but must be gained up quite a bit when compared to other Para DIs. The model I have has the internal gain pot and I’ve adjusted it to the max. Is there a significant difference between the model with internal gain control and external gain control? Also, I can tell that someone has been inside this DI with a soldering iron. It’s possible that some mods have been made. Is there a good resource for a circuit schematic?

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    The older-style Para DI with the internal trim pot didn't have as much gain available, as far as I remember. When the gain was moved externally, they changed a few things with the input gain-stage. So what you're experiencing isn't abnormal.

    If the DI was worked on, it's likely that it was repaired rather than modified. Sadly, the schematics are proprietary, so I don't have access to a shareable version.