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Para Di not working with small open mic pa

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  • Para Di not working with small open mic pa

    my brand new para acc Di works fine through my studio interface / monitors . It doesn’t work fine through the local open mic pa.

    last night at the open mic I had to remove the para acc Di and go direct into the pa to get a signal. This has happened twice now.

    The pa ( I don’t know it’s make) is a small digital type controlled via a phone app mixer.

    I had an xlr cable from the para acc Di into the pa xlr input. I had a boss rr 6 reverb pedal in the fox loop with a Y cable ( correct way round) . The reverb light came on ok.

    Guitar has lr Baggs anthem fitted.

    Regular guitar cable into para acc di

    new battery in para acc Di

    the same set up worked an an hour before at home .

    The ‘sound guy’ had no idea and the only way I could get a sound out of this pa was to remove the para acc Di from the chain and plug in the house guitar cable into the output of my reverb pedal with guitar into the pedals input .

    It was like there was some kind of mismatch between this pa and the para acc .

    Ive not been able to test it out yet at a different open mic with a different pa.

    Any thoughts ?

    thank you

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    When you used the Para DI at the open mic, did both the green and red LEDs come on? Or just the red?

    I'm wondering if the Para DI was receiving Phantom Power, but not enough to fully power the unit. The Para DI will switch to Phantom Power whenever it's available, even if it's not enough power.

    That's the first thing I'd check.


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      Hi and thanks for helping

      i only recall a red light now that you ask.

      I’m waiting a call back from the pa owner to confirm what phantom power voltage his set up has .

      Its a mackie pro ex 8 apparently . From what I can tell from a quick google it has 48v but I may have the wrong model so I’ll wait the owners call back .