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Para DI won’t stay on

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  • Para DI won’t stay on

    I’ve used the Para DI for years but last night during a show the light turned off. I thought it was the battery so I put a new battery in and the light came on, but was out again after a few minutes. I tried changing cables and again it seemed to work, the red light came on, but went out shortly thereafter. Tried both XLR and quarter inch, tried fiddling with the jack in case the connection was loose, nothing would make the light stay on and most of the time it didn’t turn on at all. What’s wrong here, can I fix it with solder? I haven’t taken it apart yet but plan to tonight.


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    When the LED turns off, is the signal cutting out too? I just want to be clear.

    It seems like it would have to be the LED itself or something in the input jack/circuit.

    Let me know what you can and I will do what I can to help.


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      The signal cuts out too, thanks.


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        I would pull the battery tray out and check the connections for corrosion. If the battery terminals are corroded, it would cause the power to cut in and out.

        In any case, if you want to send the DI in for repair, just email me and I will help however I can.