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  • Para DI Hum

    I have a hum that I can't seem to get rid of in my PA setup. I'm running my 1/4 inch acoustic pickup (a Woody soundhole pickup) through my para and into a yamaha mixer. I have a constant hum from my speaker. If I bypass the para and plug the 1/4 straight to the mixer it's gone. I've tried changing xlr cable but same result.

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    Have you tried a different pickup with the same DI/PA setup?

    Have you run into this issue in different rooms? I'm wondering if there's something not grounding properly.


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      Mine started doing the same thing. I can use the regular output with a 1/4' cable but the volume is lower than I remember it being with that output. The DI output is rendered useless- phantom or no phantom. I tried a different XLR cable, running it to a different device (board instead of my Acoustic Image Coda which sports an phantompowering xlr input and has worked fine til now). These devices work fine with other inputs- my lrbaggs para DI interface is the culprit.

      Help us please!


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        The 1/4" output is unbalanced, and will usually have a lower output than the balanced XLR. If you're getting a signal from the 1/4" and not the XLR, then it's likely that something in the XLR jack or circuitry is failing. Issues elsewhere would affect both outputs.

        The hum issue stated in the initial post sounds like a completely different issue than the one you're experiencing.

        If you want to email me at [email protected], I can go over some repair options with you.