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Pedal chain #2 - Basic question

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  • Pedal chain #2 - Basic question

    Hello forum
    I realise there is another post with the same subject, but I believe the cases are different. My daughter is going to audition at a music school which she hopes to attend whilst at high school. She plays an acoustic guitar with LR Bagg soundhole pickup.​ I got her a LR Para Di a year ago, which we have played with at home on a small guitar amp. She has been playing at small venues and is attending a shool with focus on music at the moment. We have tryed to introduce the Para Di both places - but I always get the reply that they already have a similar unit - hence we haven’t got any experience using it with a PA. I’m a bit unsure about how the Para Di should be connected to a PA in conjunction with a Boss looper pedal.

    ​​​​​​I guess I should go Guitar > Para DI > Boss RC5 > PA?

    I have read (seen YT video) that you might get a better output from the Para DI if you use the XLR output. But I can’t se how that would be possible unless I put the Para DI as the last unit in the chain. Is this adviseble - or should I just forget this idea when she is using the Para DI in conjunction with other pedals.

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    What soundhole pickup does your daughter have in the guitar?

    If it's an active pickup like the M1A or M80, you should be just fine running the Para DI last in the chain, which would allow you to use the XLR or 1/4" depending on what is needed. If she has a passive pickup in her guitar like the M1 Passive, then it would be better to go into the Para DI first and then into the looper. Running the looper in the Para DI's FX Loop is also an option, but it's a bit more complicated to set up.


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      Thanks Caleb. Sorry for the late response. She has the M80. I’ll let her know and we’ll experiment. Would you say there is a difference 1/4” vs XLR?
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        The XLR is generally a little louder since it's balanced. If you're running a short distance to your amp or mixer, both outputs should sound and perform similarly. If you are running longer distances to a house mixer, the XLR is going to be lower-noise.


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          Thank yo again Caleb. We're off to the audition today so fingers crossed :-).