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    I've been using a Para DI on phantom power at church (X32) and it has been acting funny. I had another Para DI at home so I tried testing both of them on my home Behringer XR 18 console. I connected my home Para DI up to the console and it was working with both red and green lights on. When I connected the "church" Para DI it connected up but pretty soon the "green" phantom power went out. So I connected the home Para DI back on the same channel and now the green won't work with it either. I changed the home Para to a different channel and both green and red lights come on. Question. Is it possible for a Para DI to damage console phantom power? I'm afraid to continue to use this unit if it will damage equipment. Or am I just paranoid?

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    The Para DI will only receive phantom power. I'm not aware of any way possible that it would cause damage to the mixer that is supplying phantom to the DI. It sounds like a fluke to me, but I would double-check the XLR cables just to be sure. I've run into more than my share of "phantom power issues" that ended up being cable issues.