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    I have a para di. The other day the sound totally changed! Rather than experiment with the settings on the para di is there an phone app that will tell me what the offending frequency is?
    The para di has a lot of functionality so it would be nice to have an app that pointed out whats going on.

    or should I just buy the voice print di :-)

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    You could try an RTA app, but that would really only help if you have a baseline frequency response or sound to compare against. If you changed a setting on the DI, no app is going to be able to tell you what changed. It might be easier to just set everything to 0 (noon) and go from there. A lot of Para DI users don't even use the EQ, or use it with moderation.

    The Voiceprint DI is a fantastic unit, but it's significantly more complicated to use than the Para DI. The app interface is great, but it's all too easy to over-adjust your tone just because you can.