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    Hello all, Just picked up an older Para Acoustic DI - Is the 1/4 output and the XLR balanced or only the XLR (Just found the answer 1/4 is mono unbalanced and XLR is balanced)
    Also is the output at MIC level or Line level
    I have a DBR10 PA speaker im using that has a MIC/LINE switch trying to work out whats best to use

    Sorry for the newbie questions have tried searching with no luck
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    Hey brettm357,
    The DI outputs a Line Level signal from both outputs, but I always recommend setting the input on your mixer or speaker to whatever setting sounds the best. Each input is different so the signal from the DI can interact differently with each setting.


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      Thankyou - I still have a lot to learn - In most videos i have seen it seems its recommended to have the LR Baggs above half on the volume - Is this true

      At this stage i am running the Baggs straight into the PA


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        It varies from person to person. I like to run mine around noon so I have room to turn up or down if I need to.