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K&K Pure Minis with LR Baggs Para DI Workaround

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  • K&K Pure Minis with LR Baggs Para DI Workaround

    I recently installed K&K Pure Minis in my acoustic. I have also been using an LR Baggs Para DI for years, which I prefer over other preamps due to it's notch filter, sweepable EQ and sturdy design.

    Unfortunately I've come to find that the K&K Pure Mini's want to see a preamp with a 1M ohm input impedance and the LR Baggs has a 10 meg ohm input impedance.

    I've read that the impedance issue can be corrected by placing a buffer with the proper 1M ohm input impedance ahead of the LR Baggs.

    Any suggestions for a small buffer unit that will accomplish this task so I can continue using the Para DI? I'd prefer something as small as possible due to limited space on my pedalboard.

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    Hey Lctricity,
    K&K likes a 1M input impedance because it actually cuts off some of the overly woofy bass response that the pickups inherently have. The 10M input on the Para DI allows all of the bass to pass through, making the pickups sound less defined and more "covered". You should be able to use something like a tuner (or really any pedal) that doesn't have true-bypass in front of the Para DI to alter the impedance.

    Otherwise, you should be able to simply plug directly into the Para DI and use the Bass EQ knob to balance out the sound. The EQ on the Para DI should get you a pretty solid tone without too much work.