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  • DI venue or equalizer

    I don’t have any Di yet. And I’m looking for some tone shaping capability’s for my Gibson j200 work a k&k pick-up.

    I have an AER compact 60 amp.

    Should I buy the venue or the align equalizer?

    thanks for the advice.

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    Hey Barth,
    Choosing either the Align EQ or the Venue is largely a matter of which features you need. If you mostly need EQ, and you are going to running into your amp, the Align EQ might be more than enough. If you need the DI to run longer cable distances to a house PA, or if you want the tuner and the boost, then the Venue would be the better option. Both options have very flexible EQ sections, and should both allow you to get more control over your K&K.


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      The AER also has a DI our. I’m looking for the best EQ. Is there a better one or are they the same?


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        They both use slightly different approaches to achieve the same thing.

        The Align EQ has more EQ points, but the Venue has two sweepable mid-range bands for some extra flexibility in the mids. If you know what you're doing, the Venue EQ can be more precise than having the fixed EQ points on the Align. However, I've found that the specific EQ points on the Align EQ are very well selected, and are very effective for dialing problem frequencies out of any guitar signal.


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          Hello Caleb,

          how about using them both?

          do you have experience with this?

          kind regards


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            Honestly, I've never used them together. They both cover a lot of the same ground, but like I said before, with slightly different approaches. If you did use them together, you would be able to get VERY specific with your EQ, especially in the mids, where most of the trouble is with acoustic guitars. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Some of it would be a bit redundant though.