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Session DI --- Too subtle for livingroom use?

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  • Session DI --- Too subtle for livingroom use?

    Hiya all. Was thinking about picking up the Session DI, just for fooling around with home in my livingroom. (Yeah, I know it's a lot of $$ if not gigging with it.) What you think, is this pedal a little too subtle for it to shine in that environment? i.e. I'm sure it would work great, but maybe the room too small to notice/appreciate the effects? Or, might be great? Or, anyone wanna suggest something else instead for this situation. THANKS!!
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    It is a subtle change for sure. Audience might barely notice it at all but for me as the player, you will surely feel it whether in the room or gig. How much of it you hear will depend on how you monitor in both situations. But once you play with it, you will definitely want it on all the time.


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      okay thanks! What's interesting/funny is: the sales staff down at my music store said *exactly* the same thing too.
      Thanks for the reply, much apprec