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Combining the Session DI with the Align EQ.

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  • Combining the Session DI with the Align EQ.

    Hi there.
    Is anyone doing this? If so, what are the advantages of this, and how has your tone improved?

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    Hey Scotty,
    I ran this setup for a number of years and I love it! The Align EQ is great for dialing in a solid "core" tone, and the Session DI is the icing on the cake. It's easily one of my favorite pedal combinations.


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      Really great combo. As caleb said above, the align eq will give you a lot of flexibility to shape your tone. The comp eq of the session will clean it up pretty nicely and together with the saturation is where the magic happens. Its subtle but for the player you can hear it and really feel it. It gives it an extra girth or umphh to the tone. Cant really explain it but you really have to try it.


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        Thank you both so much! I bit the bullet and bought the EQ pedal. Tomorrow I'll make some adjustments to my pedalboard and try everything out.