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Session DI with Acoustic Bass??

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  • Session DI with Acoustic Bass??

    Hi all! Can I use the Session DI with a Acoustic Bass?

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    The Session is designed pretty specifically for steel-string acoustic guitars, so that's not a combo I'd necessarily recommend. If you have a Session, it won't hurt anything if you run a bass through it. If you're looking to buy something new, I'd highly recommend the Stadium DI, which is the bass version of the Session:


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      Hi Caleb, thanks a lot for Your recommendation. In the Stadium DI I miss the notchfilter which is also necessary for acoustic basses on Stage.


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        That's completely understandable. The Stadium is really geared toward electric bass, but it's features are wonderful for enhancing any bass.

        Personally, I use the Venue DI for my Godin acoustic bass. The Venue has the same Notch as the Session, but with a lot more flexibility in its EQ for tone-shaping. I definitely use the Stadium and Venue together, on occasion, but the Venue is still my go-to bass DI.