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Session Multiband Details?

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  • Session Multiband Details?

    I've searched before posting and can't find anything. As I understand the EQ/Comp on the Session (either Align or DI) it is not a 'full-spectrum' compressor, but either reacts only to specific frequencies (threshold) and/or actually reduces specific frequencies after threshold met. I'm a little surprised that this isn't in the documentation (though, I suppose it could be the "secret sauce"), but I would really love to see the details about what frequencies the compressor is tuned to/how exactly it is supposed to work. Similar to how a new microphone will come with a frequency response graph I would love for something like that for the Session EQ/Comp.

    In the end I know it's just as simple as "if it sounds good, who cares" but for the sake of training my ear to know what I'm hearing I'd really love to know what is supposed to be happening in the frequency spectrum as far as gain reduction and Q and all that.

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    Sadly, the exact details of the Comp-EQ are proprietary for right now. The official word is that the frequencies are "common problem frequencies" for acoustic instruments, but the exact specs are under wraps as part of Lloyd's secret sauce.


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      Thanks Caleb. I figured that was the answer, but it was worth a shot. Mainly because I have an acoustic baritone which will likely have a different set of "common problem frequencies." However, I used it on Wednesday morning with the baritone and it sounded good. I liked the sound with the comp-eq turned up some better than all the way off.

      So a call to all you nerds with more equipment/time than I have: Anybody want to run the Session DI through a RTA and tell us what you see it doing? I'm too afraid of Lloyd to look into the sauce.