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Session DI Ground Lift

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  • Session DI Ground Lift

    In which position is the Ground Lift turned on? When the switch is on the side of the word 'Ground' or on the side of the word 'Lift'?
    And the other question, is it possible to turn the HPF off completely? Or it has to be at least set at 40Hz?

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    The "Ground" position is the normal setting. If you experience hum, switching to the "Lift" setting can remove ground-loop hum.

    All LR Baggs preamps and pickups have a High-Pass filter built in to get rid of the lowest frequencies. Usually, anything below 40Hz in an acoustic instrument is not going to be helpful for the signal. So 40Hz is the lowest and the "off" position. There's no way to move it any lower or disengage it.

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Caleb. Yes, it helps.
      Just recently bought the Session DI and I'm enjoying it. Especially the CompEQ works great.