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  • LR Baggs Session DI HPF

    Okay, so i currently use both the venue and the session di in my acoustic board. Bought the session before the align series came out. Later this year im planning to switch out the session di with the align session. But i just realized the align session does not have a high pass filter. Would i miss the hpf on the session di? Will it affect or have a noticeable effect on my sound?

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    Do you use the HPF now? If not, I doubt that you would miss it. I use the HPF on my Session DI, but only at the "80Hz" setting. So I like what it does in removing a little bit of low-end that I don't need, but I would be totally fine in most places without it.


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      Yes i do use the hpf on my session di. Most of the time at 80hz but sometimes i will raise it to 120hz in a full band kind of setting.


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        It is a nice feature to have, especially if you switch between smaller and larger bands on a regular basis. Right now I have the Session DI and the Align EQ, which both have the HPF. Sadly, the Venue doesn't have one.