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Session DI placement in signal chain

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  • Session DI placement in signal chain

    LOVE the session DI pedal. I tried it in the effects loop on my Fishman Loudbox, and could hear no difference in tone. Should I be surprised? Double checked my connections. My assumption is that, unlike a modulation or delay pedal, the Session is by comparison largely passive. Seems like it works best in a ‘traditional’ signal chain into the amp input.

    I’d appreciate any thoughts & guidance. Thanks!

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    I think the session works best by setting its gain to the proper level hence why it is better to have it first in chain. So if you are putting it in the effects loop, just check your gain staging. I assume your signal flow will be guitar > fishman > effects loop: session > back to the fishman.


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      I'll second that. I think if you set the Gain correctly on the Session, you should get a noticeable change when the pedal is on. I, like many, still prefer the sound of the Session early on in the signal chain whenever possible.