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lr baggs para acoustic and session di with electric bass

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  • lr baggs para acoustic and session di with electric bass

    welcome the Forum,my name is nik,I would like an assistance,i have lr baggs para acoustic and acoustic session di,i connect some times together or no,i play acoustic guitar and electric bass,my question is=can play my bass, with acoustic session di, and para acoustic?I will work my bass with the compressor acoustic session di?thanks for all

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    Hello sisosni,
    The Para DI should work with the bass without any problems. However, the Session may not be as versatile with a bass.

    The Session's main features were specially designed for (steel string) acoustic guitars. So they may not be as applicable on a bass. With the Saturation and Comp-EQ turned down, the preamp on the Session is perfectly capable of passing the clean bass sound through the DI though.

    You can even try the effects, but from my own experience, they don't add the same depth to a bass' tone.

    You may want to look into our new Stadium DI, which should be released in the next month or two.