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Almost no signal from Venue XLR output.

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  • Almost no signal from Venue XLR output.

    Hi there,

    I just picked up a Venue DI used in mint condition (all paperwork, packaging, etc.). Whereas the 1/4" out is loud and clear, the XLR passes very little signal. I have to boost the gain on the Venue into clipping before I even start to get something to work with either in my Fishaman loudbox or in my Peavey PA board, regardless how high or low the gain is set in the preceding stage (passive pickup into a Fishman Aura Jerry Douglas pedal). Even once I get enough of a signal to register out of the Venue's XLR, it is not enough to actually get a strong output at the next stage. It's not the cables or a problem with the Fishman or Peavey; if I replace the venue in the chain with my PARADI, it is loud clear and beautiful. I picked up the Venue so I would have a tuner in line (also serving as a mute) and a boost button. I see in the archives here that others have had intermittent problems with this issue (XLR out weak signal). Any thoughts? It is essentially useless to me as it now stands.


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    Hey Dan,
    I saw your email come through this morning. Warren should be getting in touch with you about some options for repairs.


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      Hi Caleb. Yes he did, and I am blown away by Baggs customer service! Looking forward to getting the Venue up and running. Thanks!