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  • Electric guitar with Venue DI

    New Member !
    I plan on starting up a Solo Acoustic Guitar act doing Country, 50's Rock & Roll, & Easy Listening. I played in a 4 piece Country Band way back in the 70's for 17 years so I have some experience performing. Things were pretty straight forward back then, Electric guitar, Electric Guitar Amp , WA WA pedal , Mike and a Kick Ass PA system.
    For the past 20 years I've been doing DJ & Karaoke gigs, gone are my Fender Strat's & Twin Reverb Amps. Were I'm living in SE Florida there is quite a demand for Solo Acts
    sure DJ & Karaoke gigs can still be had but a lot of the Clubs I frequent, VFW's, American Legion's, Moose's ect. perfer quieter more laid back entertainment. gigs are usually from 2 to 5 or 6 to 9. And majority of the clientele are in their late 50's and on up. So now my question, I plan on purchasing a Venue DI and using it between my PA system and acoustic guitar. My guitar is a Epiphone with Piezo PU in the bridge and a Mag PU at the Neck. I will be plugging it into a TC-Harmony G XT Pedal and then taking the Thru output into the input on the Venue DI. On the Venue DI I will also have Reverb & Tremolo pedals connected using the FX loop and then the balanced output into a Yamaha EMX 512C Powered Mixer. I figure the Venue DI will give me greater control over the EQ on my acoustic guitar and also control any unwanted feed back or noise from my effects pedals.
    I have an old Ibanez TC420 electric guitar with powersound hummbucker pu's on it. I do not have an electric guitar amp but I would like to use it to do a few Instrumental numbers ( Ventures, Duane Eddy ) could I plug this into the Venue DI and hopefully get satisfactory sound from it.

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    Hey Rick,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Venue DI works great with electric guitars. Of course, it doesn't offer any amp modeling or anything like that, but it does give a very neutral "plugged in direct" sound. Even used in-line with an electric amp, the Venue's preamp adds some nice depth and warmth to the signal, as well as some high-quality tone-shaping.

    Check it out and let us know what you think.


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      Thanks for the reply........I do not expect it to sound like playing thru a twin reverb or such. Just good enough to play a few instrumentals I have the Reverb & Tremolo pedals to add some flavor. Most people are not that critical on sound ( just other musicians ) My acoustic will be my main guitar 95% of the time.