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EFX Loop: Venue or amp?

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey Daniel,
    If you're using the 1/4" out of the Venue, it's probably easiest to just run the pedals between the VEnue and amp. If you're running out of the DI, then putting the pedals into the Venue's loop is probably best.

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  • danielkunstler
    started a topic EFX Loop: Venue or amp?

    EFX Loop: Venue or amp?

    Hello fellow Baggs devotees. I am using a set of effects with my Venue (Pitch Fork, Oceans 11 Reverb, MXR Chorus and Tone Press compressor). Should I be using the effects loop on the Venue, or the one on my acoustic amp? I'm also assuming that the Venue goes into the straight signal chain and is not looped itself. Thanks for any advice.