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XLR volume to hot say the sound guy

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  • XLR volume to hot say the sound guy

    I run my Martin GPC 35e with Fishman Aura VT Enhance electronics into my Venue, set the gain according to Venue instructions. Normal to hard strumming LED is yellow. Very hard might bump red. XLR out to the Midas M32 sound board. The sound guy says my signal is too hot, that I need to turn it down. I tell him to set my gain on the board. He thinks I'm the problem. There is no XLR volume adjustment on the Venue. All I can do is turn down the volume on my guitar or the gain on the Venue, neither of which I understand is the best option for tone. Suggestions?

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    Hey Snyd_
    The Venue's XLR out is definitely hot. They should be able to turn down your gain at the mixer or engage a pad, but I know from experience that many sound guys don't like to make big adjustments to the board settings.

    If they want you to turn down, I'd just lower the Venue gain a little. I actually prefer to lightly clip in the yellow, rather than the red. Clipping in the red sounds a little edgy for my taste. Clipping in the yellow sounds a little smoother to me.

    You may lose a little warmth, but I don't think it will be too noticeable.


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      Thanks again Caleb. I'll mess with it. I probably have it a little high. It's always yellow. I know a little goes a long ways with the Venue settings.