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Xlr cable or guitar cable to connect to Yamaha mixer

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  • Xlr cable or guitar cable to connect to Yamaha mixer

    Do you get a better sound using an XLR cable from the Venue into a Yamaha mixer or just a guitar cable from the venue into the mixer?

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    Hey Bobkin,
    If your mixer is close by, within 15-20' or so, then both the XLR and 1/4" outputs should be pretty comparable in their sound quality. The XLR output is always going to be a little louder.

    When you start to run longer cables between the DI and the mixer (30'+), the XLR output will be less noisy since it's a balanced signal. That should be the only noticeable difference, and it's not usually that noticeable in most cases.


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      Thanks for the help. Have a pretty short run but will try both out.


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        Yeah, I use both.
        When I gig, I use the xlr because it's definitely louder, and it's one less step to get the right type of signal to the mixer.
        On Sundays at church, I just plug into a direct box that's already set up via the 1/4 inch out, mainly because I don't want to go through the hassle of muting the channel on the board to avoid popping while switching things over. I don't notice any difference in tone.