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Keep Venue or swap - asking for suggestions

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  • Keep Venue or swap - asking for suggestions

    Hi. I'm putting together a pedalboard for my acoustic to start playing out, and I just bought a Venue since I've seen so many good things about it. So far I like the well-labeled buttons and ability to tweak the my EQ. Thought perhaps I could get by with the tuner in this unit, but it seems too slow and the lights are a little counter-intuitive to me, so I bought a standalone tuner, making the venue's tuner redundant.

    Now I'm wondering if I should return the Venue for something else. The box is a little big, forcing to get a deeper pedalboard than I would otherwise need. I do like the boost button, though, so I don't think the L.R. Baggs Session is the right answer for me. Any suggestions? It's a new unit, so I assume there's no firmware update or tweak to get the tuner to work differently.

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    The Venue is an analog pedal, so there are no firmware updates or anything like that available. The size of the Venue definitely makes it tricky to use on a normal pedalboard.

    The EQ is pretty wonderful on the Venue, but I've ended up using the Session DI and Align EQ to cover all my bases. Those pedals are more pedalboard-friendly, and they work together really well. I don't get the boost function, but that's not much of a loss for me, personally.

    If I could only take one pedal, I'd take the Venue every time. If I have a pedalboard (which I do), I prefer mixing an matching other pedals.

    That's just me though.