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Input gain suddenly very weak

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  • Input gain suddenly very weak

    I just started having this problem with my Venue DI. It started at a gig and I've replicated the problem at home, with different guitars, different power supplies, cables, etc.

    The problem is the input gain is extremely weak. I have to turn the Gain knob on the DI all the way clockwise (fully up) to get one green light on the Clip meter, and that's barely. In the past, with the same guitar, I would only need to get the Gain to about 10:00 before it would start clipping. I've tried a different battery on this guitar, I've tried two other guitars, I've swapped cables, power supplies, etc. Same problem. Also, if I go direct with my guitar into an amp or interface, the signal is plenty hot. If I go through the DI, it's barely audible unless I crank the gain all the way up, and it still sounds weak. Ideas?

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    Thanks for posting.

    I believe we received this same question over email this morning. You should have received a reply from Warren to help you get this resolved. If you didn't get that reply yet, please let me know.


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      My Para DI started doing the same thing. What was Warren's reply, if I may ask?


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        The Venue DI and Para DI don't typically have the same kinds of issues. I replied to your other post if you want to get back to me about potential repair options for your Para DI.