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Venue - hum when using FX loop

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  • Venue - hum when using FX loop

    Any help or suggestions appreciated
    using Venue with Align reverb patched into send/return loop
    both using seperate one spot power sources
    noticeable low end hum when reverb pedal patched
    same when daisy chained
    using swedish audio flat patch cables..
    hum goes once rev unpatched from fx loop

    when i touch the input cable from the guitar the hum subsides …

    any help, thoughts or possible solutions appreciated


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    Warren from Baggs suggested to use truetone one spot when running the complete align series
    as i’ve simplified things i figured the same power source would be optimum
    i found an old Boss adaptor which greatly reduced the hum
    Still present but workable
    im not sure how noticeable it will be once i patch into some of the systems at festivals

    both my guitars use the Anthem systems
    the odd thing is when i place my hand on the output jack the hum goes
    plugging the guitar direct into a system the same thing occurs
    so im also questioning this

    oddly hadnt experienced or noticed any of this when running the align pedals

    still appreciate any input
    and why the Boss adaptor has reduced the hum considerably

    and thanks


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      Hey AlVal,
      I replied to your email a little while ago. I think there's a chance that the hum is not related to the ground-loop in the pedals, but rather in the shielding somewhere else in the signal. If you want to email me back, I will do what I can to help.


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        Appreciated Caleb
        email received and responded to