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Venue DI not sending strong signal to board

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  • Venue DI not sending strong signal to board

    I'm using a LR Baggs violin pickup with a wireless to Baggs Venue DI. I have a processor in my rack that I route effects out and return to the Venue. I use gain and volume on the Venue and reach the yellow below clipping with ease. My processor has a similar led indicator, and it also shows full signal coming in from Venue. I have tried both 1/4" and xlr outs from Venue to the mixing board for our band. With the gain pod almost "wide open", and the slider all the way up on the channel, there is very limited output through our speakers. To get any appreciable volume at all, I have the "boost knob" all the way up on the Venue and have to have the boost engaged. I also have presence all the way open. We have swapped cords, channels on the board, all other things. What is going on?

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    Hey Hank,
    Thanks for posting.

    Just so I'm clear, are you running your fiddle into the input of the Venue with the FX Send going into your rack and the output of the rack back into the FX Return?

    Have you tried taking the rack out of the signal chain to see if the Venue sends a normal signal on its own?

    Let me know and I will do what I can to help.


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      Thanks, Caleb. We have not try that. Will do the next time and will repost here. Thanks again.