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Align Session: Before Venue or in Loop?

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  • Align Session: Before Venue or in Loop?

    Hey Caleb, nerdy question (as always). When using the Align Session with the Venue, do you recommend it going before the preamp or in its loop, along with my Align Reverb?

    I know its intended to go with the other Align pedals but I like the boost and mids of the Venue for my LB6 Dual Source. I was leaning towards putting it first bc I hear compression alters EQ and it does have gain but other say get the gain from the Venue and put the Session in the loop...

    I don't know what's right anymore. lol

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    That's a question that has been asked for as long as EQ and compression have been around. There's really no right or wrong way to do it and each application is a bit different.

    Generally speaking, I like to run compression before my EQ on a pedalboard when I can. Right now I'm running the Session DI which limits where I can put it. I still get a great sound both ways, I just prefer the Session to be first after using it for a few years.


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      That was my inclination but I wanted to get the deets from the expert. Gain staging isn't an issue doing it that way?


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        You just have you set the gain on the Session first, and then the Venue. The Venue will probably end up needing a lower gain setting with the Session in front of it.