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Venue blend clean guitar signal with effects

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  • Venue blend clean guitar signal with effects

    Sorry for my English)) I want to share how to use the loop With this di-box, I separate the signals into a clean guitar and processed by effects. I don’t return the loop send back, and after the effects I bring the separate channel to the mixer or the second channel of the combo. In this way, I adjust the degree of mixing effects with clear sound. Suddenly someone will come in handy)))

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    Hey Gary,
    When you plug a cable into the FX Send on the Venue it will interrupt the signal to the XLR output unless you plug the signal back into the FX Return. Or are you splitting the signal from a stereo effects pedal?

    If you wanted to split the signal to have one with effects and one without, I would recommend using the XLR output for your clean signal and the 1/4" output to go into any effects for the second signal.


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      Thanks for the great advice!