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Amp recommendations for use with Venue

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  • Amp recommendations for use with Venue

    I have a query into Baggs support, but am wondering what the experience has been for the Baggs user community at large. I currently have an older Ultrasound amp, which is fine, but I can't say I love it. Of course, I can probably correct what I don't like once I gain more fluency with the Venue's EQ-ing. What amps do others recommend to pair with the Venue. I am thinking Fishman Loudbox Mini or Artist, or perhaps the Blackstar Sonnet? Is using a powered PA speaker always going to be better? (BTW I also hook via computer to my audio interface and studio monitors, but that's a little beside the point.)

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    I usually use a PA speaker or something similar when I don't have a full PA, but I've used the Loudbox Mini a few times and it's pretty impressive for the price. The Roland AC amps are also pretty solid.


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      I’ve settled on a Bose S1 Pro. It has a guitar preset EQ that is ideal, and a 2nd input that I use with a monitor send from the board.