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Accidentally Deleted Post, VPDI Noise

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  • Accidentally Deleted Post, VPDI Noise

    I was moderating a duplicate post and I accidentally deleted the whole thread. I'm so sorry about that!

    Jcirotti and bradboulet please repost here or start a new thread to continue the conversation.

    Again, sorry about that.

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    No problem, Caleb. I chose that post because the OP was mentioning what seemed to be the same issue as me with the VPDI: a (seemingly digital) "hiss" that is prevalent between ~2400 Hz and ~4000 Hz.
    I'm using a passive under saddle pickup from JJB. Very similar to a K&K.
    My chain is VPDI -> Cali76 Compressor -> Spark Mini Boost -> HOF Reverb
    All powered by a 1Spot Pro CS6 with 9vlt going to the VPDI
    The hiss is definitely being made by the VPDI because it's present with everything else out to the chain. It sounds digital to me.
    As suggested by Warren, I've got the "preset volume level" pegged and "VP Level" as low as I can go and still get enough signal, but the hiss is still there (albeit better than before)
    I've ordered a noise gate pedal and am going to try that.
    Any additional advice is appreciated.


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      Thanks for posting again, Brad.

      I would actually try to keep the VP Level up, even maxing that out. The CS6 should provide enough power if you're using one of the two 500mA outputs. The 100 or 200mA outputs will likely cause undue noise. If the DI is getting enough voltage AND enough current, that is where you want to start.

      There is some low-level noise inherent in the processor, but it shouldn't be audible in any real performance environment. Right now, the VP ends up coming out quieter than the pickup on its own, so getting the VP level and pickup levels (i.e. bypassed level) matched is really important. We're working on getting the VPs to come out louder by default, but for now, it needs to be done manually by raising the VP Level.

      If you bring up the VP Level to +10-12dB or so, you should get a pretty healthy signal level with little to no noise.


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        I've ordered a noise gate pedal and am going to try that.
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