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Output volume is so quiet!

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  • Output volume is so quiet!

    I just purchased the VPDI and loving it! However, the pedal is SO quiet.

    If I plug directly into the amp I have a great level. Once I plug into the VPDI and then from there into the amp the level drops significantly. To get the pedal to usable output level I have to dime it significantly in the apps VP level and Preset volume level tabs, as well as the master output directly on the unit. Even if I put the pedal into bypass mode and have the volume knob cranked on the unit it's still quieter than if I plugged directly into the amp. As you can imagine, turning everything available in the pedal up creates a lot of unnecessary noise.

    I am not using any other pedals in the chain and the pad is not engaged. Also I've tested multiple power supplies and cables and nothing changes.

    Any assistance would be appreciated!
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    Hey cbjornn,
    Thanks for posting.

    What pickup(s) are you using with the VPDI?