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    Is there a library for voiceprints from different combos of guitars and pickups/microphones? I purchased a Nux Optima Air before I got the VPDI and was expecting to see a few models preinstalled as the NOA has. Seems like a huge missed opportunity. If it does not exist, I am disappointed. If it does exist, please point me to it! I have a Godin Multiac that sounds amazing through several ir convolutions on the Nux unit and I'd love to be able to say the same for the VPDI.

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    Hey pxlxlr,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Voiceprint is unique compared to other IR pedals because it measures the frequency response of your specific instrument, as well as the response from the pickup in that guitar. This creates a very accurate IR that can be correctly reproduced with the pickup and guitar that it was created with. Changing the pickup or the instrument will alter how the Voiceprint responds and how accurate it is. For this reason, there are no pre-made presets available in the VPDI. You are intended to create your own, based on the instruments that you have and love.

    We are hoping to develop the VP technology so that you can accurately emulate other instruments with your specific pickup, but that is going to take some further development.

    For now, using a VP that you made on one guitar on something else can be pretty hit or miss.


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      Thank you for your reply. I understand the concept, creation and usage of impulse response in guitar, cabinet and reverb simulation. It is clear that your product is geared toward emulating the acoustic properties of a customer's owned instrument but there seems to be no good reason to not have a user submitted library of guitar, pickup and mic/placement sets available for the good of all involved. The fact that an IR set created on one guitar and used on another would not sound exactly like the original instrument doesn't really matter. That exact scenario is working extremely well for me on another product. Was this scenario considered and decided against for some reason I'm not privy to? It seems like a no brainer move that would give your customers a new world of sonic possibilities.


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        In all honesty, a lot of it comes down to us being a pretty small company. We can only work on a select amount of projects at a time, and the last year has been devoted to getting the Android version of our app launched. We are absolutely hoping to implement this type of use into the Voiceprint technology. It's just going to take us some time to do it the right way.


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          I totally get it and appreciate the thoughtful reply. The hardware is excellent, as is the app. As soon as I get the K&K Pure Mini installed in my Collings 001 (been procrastinating reaming out the endpin for the install), I'll be happy to use it. If your product team gets around to implementing it, a robust user submitted acoustic print lending library would be a huge value add for the VPDI and would probably be the deciding factor in a purchase for many.


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            Thanks for the feedback! I will absolutely bring this topic up in our next design meeting.