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Using Voice Print with Andriod, Compression and 12 String?

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  • Using Voice Print with Andriod, Compression and 12 String?

    I am brand new to this forum Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    I am currently in the process of redoing my acoustic pedal board and I am very interested in the Voice Print. I have some questions spanning 3 topics and I am hoping that some of you will be willing to share your wisdom.
    1. It appears the VP was originally developed using the iPhone, and the Android app was recently added. I have an Android S22. Can anyone comment on how the VP works with the Android? I am not just asking about the app. Most importatntly, how does the quality of the resulting IR filter compare, android vs iPhone. For example, does the iPhone produce a better result because it has a microphone that is better suited to work with the VP?
    2. In using the VP, do you also find that you need a compressor?
    3. If so, I am speculating that you would want to apply compression after the VP when you consider the IR filter function, but the VP’s EQ function may be best applied by placing it before the compressor. If you are using the Session, does this compressor work well with the VP? Where do you have your compressor position relative to the VP?
    4. I have 3 guitars I want to use with the VP. One of them, my Taylor 655ce, is a real beast to EQ and compress properly. I love the sound when miced, but it needs a lot of help using the on board ES1. Does anyone have experience using the VP to help tame a maple/Sitka Jumbo 12 sting with mag pickups?
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting!

    I will do what I can to answer your questions.

    1. I use Android phones myself, and I've had no issues getting great sounding Voiceprints on iPhone or the variety of Android phones we've used for testing, including the S21.
    2. I've used the Session with the Voiceprint, but I don't feel like it's absolutely necessary. If you like compression, it's worth trying. For me, I don't have a strong preference either way.
    3. That's correct, you would want to use the compression after the IR processing. So using any compression in the FX Loop or after the 1/4" output would be preferable.
    4. I don't have experience with that exact combo of gear, but my experience tells me that if you like that combo now, the Voiceprint is going to make it the best that it can be. Taming the bass on that shouldn't be a problem for the Voiceprint processing.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.


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      Thank you for your response Caleb. I know there was a lot of questions packed in there. My biggest concern was the compatibility with the Galaxy S22. I know that extensive effort was put into characterizing the iPhone microphone for use with the VP, as most of the stellar reviews mention the Iphone, not the Android. I have also read that some users say a compressor is no longer necessary after using the VP. I am going to move forward with this purchase and see what it can go for me. I am excited to try it on my Taylor 655ce. If it can tame this, it should be able to cure just about anything. Thanks again!